More than four decades of history

The Grupo Opet (Opet Group) was founded on January 25, 1973, and has not stopped growing since. Today, it is responsible for a complete organizational structure that includes post-graduation, college, school, Opetwork Escola de Profissões (Opetwork Profession School), Editora – Sistema de Ensino (Publishing House – Education System), Distance Education and Instituto de Educação e Cidadania (Institute of Education and Citizenship).

Since its foundation, the group has educated more than 100,000 students.


Launch of the Civil Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering courses.


The Grupo Opet completes 40 years of activities. The Production Engineering course is launched.


Re-launch of the Opetwork Escola de Profissões (Opetwork Professional School).


Operations of the Distance Education of the Grupo Opet – College and of the Post-Graduation (Latu Sensu) begin.


By the Ordinance nº 284/2008 of the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture), the Faculdade Opet (Opet College) and the Faculdade de Tecnologia Opet (Opet School of Technology) are unified, starting to operate under the name Faculdades Opet. After 35 years as an educational quality reference, the Grupo Opet develops expansion plans to further consolidate its presence throughout Brazil.


The Cidade Mirim Opet (City Opet for Kids) is inaugurated, a pioneering pedagogical project, national reference in Early Childhood Education and Elementary School initial years.


The Instituto de Educação e Cidadania (Institute of Education and Citizenship) is created to aggregate and to bring synergy Grupo Opet’s social responsibility actions.


In addition to the higher education offered by the college and the Technological Center (Faculdade de Tecnologia Opet – Opet Technology School), the group launches the Centro de Pós-graduação Opet (Opet Post Graduation Center), with Latu Sensu and MBA courses.


The Ministry of Education (MEC) authorizes the operation of the Centro Tecnológico Opet (Opet Technology Center), (Faculdade de Tecnologia Opet – Opet Technology School): the first private institution in southern Brazil to offer the Technology modality, initially for graduation in Financial Management, Retail Marketing, Information Systems, and Web Development.


The Ministry of Education (MEC) authorizes the Faculdades Opet operation, initially with Administration, Advertising, and Propaganda schools.


It is founded the Editora Opet (Opet Publishing House), which, by the Unidade Gráfica (Graphic Unit) and the Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Pedagógico (Pedagogical Research and Development Center) produces and distributes the Sistema de Ensino Opet (Opet Teaching System). Pioneer in citizen training, the publishing house brings to the educational environment a series of didactic materials of Basic Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education. The objective is to promote citizenship awareness, based on activities that involve the students’ reality and social values promotion.


The Opet Ensino Profissional (Opet Professional Training) starts offering training courses, a pioneering initiative in Curitiba, that has paved the way to a new and promising segment, having educated more than 100,000 professionals over the years.


January 25 is the starting point of the Grupo Opet, with emphasis on offering professional courses.