Mission and Vision


Our mission is to educate for the full personal development, citizenship, and work, offering to children, youth, and adults the conditions for knowledge construction and application to benefit society.


Our vision is to be recognized among Brazil’s best educational organizations, as a reference in the use of new technologies for teaching and learning and in education management modernization.



Sustainability: Our economic and material development is directly related to our operations success. We prioritize the intelligently use of resources and avoid wastage, ensuring the viability of our business to the future generations.



Social responsibility: Our activities and resources are applied to contribute to a fairer society and a more integrate environment. We seeking out to promote development and social inclusion by education, training and human being appreciation.



Innovation and pioneering: Our competitive strategy is based on designing, developing and managing processes that continually add value to the knowledge production. We are committed to arousing interest in new comcepts, creative ideais, challenges.


booksTransformation by education: Our pedagogical practices promote knowledge, in different ways, for integral formation and citizenship exercise. We strive to apply innovative methodologies so that our students can fully develop their potential.



Team spirit: Our work environment is inclusive and welcoming to new ideas and honest dialogues. The synergy and respect among our employees greatly contribute to excellence pursuit and confidence in the future.



Quality in everything we do: Our management is oriented to establish quality consciousness, focused on excellence in thinking, acting, and producing. We respond, always reliably and on time, to our processes and services’ needs.



Joint construction: We seeking out a differentiated and pioneering educational model, based on cooperation between common interest organizations and institutions. We believe that development and best results come from intentions convergence.